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Something tells me there are a lot more people who embrace our President's novel concept of Making America Great Again (MAGA) than the fakestream media would let be known. 
Oh yes I think I remember what leads me to this conclusion...was it... maybe...I don't know...could it have been- THE ELECTION! 
Like in the old tale of "The Emperor Has No Clothes" we who voted for our take charge, bluntly brilliant President all too often are left cowering in fear that some angry liberal friend may discover our secret support for Donald J Trump's agenda. 

Well let's now come out of the closet! Join forces with the majority to proudly help counter the boldfaced LIES being reported by the bias anti-Trump dinosaur media! 

Who wants to organize MAGA Meetup?

Easy Instructions:
  1. Find a public park, sidewalk or overpass in your community. 
  2. Wait for nice weather forcast preferably on a Saturday (as conservatives have a tendency to be gainfully employed on the week days).  
  3. Just 1 or 2 days before invite your ever growing band of Trumpster friends on social media to bring their flags & MAGA signage to your MAGA flash rally. 
  4. Get a megaphone & a sign up sheet or tablet for those who would like to take a minute to address your crowd & report on all the good our POTUS has accomplished. 
  5. If you would like to have your rally added to this page, please send a link to your Facebook rally event page or site to my twitter account @Lisa4OR1st or to Conservative Lisa Facebook Page
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