Thursday, October 18, 2018

RINO or Not, We Must All Vote For the Republican

Many of us preferred to nominate a true conservative who we believed would sincerely work to help President Trump deliver more wins for we the people. But sadly all too often this was a hope and prayer reserved exclusively for our Republican Primary.

Now that the General Election is at hand, it is crunch time, we must get out and vote straight Republican all the way down the ballot. For those local "non-partisan" races you must research them online. Find out who supports him/her learn about the candidate's educational background,

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Minnesota Replace Collin Peterson with Dave Hughes to MAGA

Minnesota patriots need to replace Nancy Pelosi liberal Congressman Collin Peterson with an Air Force combat veteran conservative who wants to help our President Donald J. Trump make America even better!

Dave Hughes

Missouri is Ready for Monetti to Replace Claire McCaskill

Spread the word about the conservative choice to replace Claire McCaskill with  
to help President Donald Trump Make America and Missouri Great!

MO RNC Picks Primary Winner Before the Primary Like DNC '16 POTUS

Missouri Is Ready For Monetti AD

Monday, May 14, 2018

Replace All Incumbents Unless Fighting For US

Unfortunately this all important Primary season I have not had the time to research and list the 2018 Conservative Crew endorsed candidates across the country, so here are the guidelines I recommend you consider before voting in your Primary:
  • Always vote for anyone opposing your Democrat Congressional Representative or Senator.
Only in the Primary in the General Election in November we MUST vote for the Republican nominees
  • Vote against your current Republican Congressional Representative or Senator if they ever were quoted as being in opposition to our great President Donald J. Trump.
  • Vote to retain your current Republican Congressional Representative and Senator if they have actively worked against the GOP leadership in Congress to support the Make America Great agenda advanced by our President Donald J. Trump.
  • Vote for which ever candidate is not endorsed by the current Republican leadership in Congress (Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell) especially if they are endorsed by our President Trump.

This is a spiritual battle between the forces of Good & Evil not just a battle between Republicans and Democrats the enemy has disciples in both Parties which is why this Primary is so important.

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Conservative Crew Endorses Judge Roy Moore to Sessions' Seat

After studying the background of both Republican candidates running to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the US Senate, I feel confident that Judge Roy Moore is the best man for the job.

While I am sure our President appreciates the dynamics of electing the interim appointee, Luther Strange, to retain his temporary position in the Senate, I must disagree. Senator Strange"s background as a DC lobbyist, coupled with the fact that he was appointed by the disgraced former Governor of Alabama makes him the less conservative of the two choices. The fact that the RINO swamp dwellers in the Republican leadership of the US Senate are also backing Strange confirms former Judge Roy Moore as the right choice for America.

As always we pray God will Bless His choice in this crucial election.