Monday, May 14, 2018

Replace All Incumbents Unless Fighting For US

Unfortunately this all important Primary season I have not had the time to research and list the 2018 Conservative Crew endorsed candidates across the country, so here are the guidelines I recommend you consider before voting in your Primary:
  • Always vote for anyone opposing your Democrat Congressional Representative or Senator.
Only in the Primary in the General Election in November we MUST vote for the Republican nominees
  • Vote against your current Republican Congressional Representative or Senator if they ever were quoted as being in opposition to our great President Donald J. Trump.
  • Vote to retain your current Republican Congressional Representative and Senator if they have actively worked against the GOP leadership in Congress to support the Make America Great agenda advanced by our President Donald J. Trump.
  • Vote for which ever candidate is not endorsed by the current Republican leadership in Congress (Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell) especially if they are endorsed by our President Trump.

This is a spiritual battle between the forces of Good & Evil not just a battle between Republicans and Democrats the enemy has disciples in both Parties which is why this Primary is so important.

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Conservative Crew Endorses Judge Roy Moore to Sessions' Seat

After studying the background of both Republican candidates running to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the US Senate, I feel confident that Judge Roy Moore is the best man for the job.

While I am sure our President appreciates the dynamics of electing the interim appointee, Luther Strange, to retain his temporary position in the Senate, I must disagree. Senator Strange"s background as a DC lobbyist, coupled with the fact that he was appointed by the disgraced former Governor of Alabama makes him the less conservative of the two choices. The fact that the RINO swamp dwellers in the Republican leadership of the US Senate are also backing Strange confirms former Judge Roy Moore as the right choice for America.

As always we pray God will Bless His choice in this crucial election.

Fighting the Haters on Left & Supporting the Lovers on the Right

As one of the top attorneys in the country fighting for justice for we the people, James Buchal has been forced to fight even harder to oppose corrupt deep state anti-Constitutional environmentalists to protect our property rights against Trump's administration than were aligned against him from the Obama administration. 

Whether the corrupt deep state agencies are still being ruled by those appointed by Obama or by those bad actors appointed by an ill-informed President Trump, the threats faced by rural property owners on the west coast are quite real.  

Rather than blindingly accepting the anti-American tripe that passes for news, seek out the truth for yourself. Find topics that interest you and do your own reporting. You have a search engine on your phone and computer so use it. Here's a hint if the man you voted for is consistantly being harassed on your news source of choice, seek out the actual video to watch for yourself in it's entirety. During the past year traditional news media organizations like the New York Times, WA Post and virtually all cable & broadcast news networks have been exposed as pervaders of leftwing propaganda, crafted not to inform but rather to craft public opinion to align with their anti-Christian PC worldview. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

We Must Recruit Conservative Primary Replacements for RINOs & Democrats

Hold Congress Accountable

The 2016 Election and its fraudulent news coverage has exposed just how corrupt all incumbent politicians have become. They have no interest in truly fulfilling their campaign promises and supporting our duly elected President Donald J. Trump. Congress refuses to shrink government, restore border security and eliminate government overreach, because that would lessen their power. These megalomaniacs want more control over our lives to ensure they retain their seats in Congress and continue to live above the law of those they were elected to serve.


In 2018 we can hold our elected officials accountable by replacing them in their Party's Primary.
We could limit ourselves to simply finding, recruiting and supporting true conservatives in the Republican Primaries, but why not recruit conservatives to run against Democrat incumbents in their Democrat Primary as well.

Our founding fathers never envisioned a Congress packed full of power hungry career politicians. Rather the founders created our government to be led by average citizens, who would be taking precious time away from their families to literally serve the best interest of their fellow Americans, as they seek to represent the wishes of their community.

2018 Mission:

Please find, recruit and support conservative candidates to face both Republicans and Democrats in their 2018 Primaries. Once these brave souls create their Facebook and/or campaign website I need each of the candidates to send me the following information:

Facebook Page or Campaign Website (which has a donation button)
Name of incumbent the candidate wishes to replace
Short 2 or 3 sentence quote campaign mission statement

Once our conservative crew Primary challengers are listed on their state's Conservative Crew endorsement page, we need to use our social media to spread the link, volunteer to rally at neighborhood parks and overpasses to help our conservatives win their Primary elections. 

Election Fraud:

After years of investigation our Election systems, I am convinced that one of the reasons our elected politicians are so arrogantly refusing to fulfill their campaign pledges, is because they know our corrupt electronic voting machines are rigged to re-elect them. From stuffing voter rolls with fictitious registrants to easily hacked voting machines the rig is in.  

Lobby your county commissioners and Secretary of State to return to in person on paper voting on Election Day only with photo ID. We may not be able to convince the crooked politicians to change the system that guarantees their re-election, but we can replace them like we did last year, when we shocked the establishment's system with the election of Donald J. Trump.

Do not lose hope. Simply demand to vote on a paper ballot, especially if you live in a large city. The Left lost because they only rigged the large cities not the farm country, so please reach out to anyone you know who resides in less populated rural counties to inspire them to vote in 2018.