Contract with Conservatives- Candidate Agreement

Campaign Website:
Short 1 sentence statement:
Incumbent Liberal/Progressive Democrat or Republican Opponent:
Primary reason why the incumbent should be retired:
List of the other non-incumbent Primary opponents in your race:

We will consider endorsing your candidacy based on your views regarding the Contract with Conservatives:

Support for:
  • Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness
  • Freedom of speech
  • Low taxes
  • Small Government
  • Free Enterprise System
  • Founding Principals of the Constitution
  • Term Limits
  • Federalism/States Rights
  • Religious Freedom
  • Equal Protection Under the Law
  • Election Integrity
  • Executive Agency Accountability through Congressional Approval
  • Support for Mark Levin's Liberty Amendments

Opposition to:
  • ObamaCare/Affordable Health Care Law
  • Common Core
  • IRS Targeting of political opponents
  • Fed. Government Control of Industries
  • NSA Wiretapping, email & webcam surveillance 
  • Abortion 

Please submit your application & .jpg candidate picture for inclusion as a member of the Conservative Crew to:

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  1. We owe it to our children to replace all compromised RINOs & Democrats.