Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Art of Winning Against the BIG FIX

Laying the Foundation for Election Fraud

Rigged Polls for Hillary
  • Conditions voters to expect Hillary will win the Election
  • Fools the majority into believing they are actually members of the Trump minority
  • Demoralizes American patriots to diminish Trump turnout 
  • Discourages Trump from investigating the Election fraud  
Tell Tale Signs of the Pending Fixed Outcome

Because Hillary knows she is going to win through a rigged voting system
  • No need to exhaust herself by holding unnecessary press conferences or poorly attended rallies
  • Can focus on auctioning off high level cabinet positions to the highest donors
  • No need to follow the laws of the land, because virtually everyone who could hold her accountable has been silenced either through threats of blackmail or bribery
  • No need to concern herself with the truth that has never been a part of her character anyway
  • Can rely on her Media & RINO establishment politicians to denigrate her non-establishment/non-politician opponent Mr. Donald J. Trump
How the Establishment Will Rig Hillary's Win

1. Hacked Election System
  • ES&S & Dominion voting system manufacturers use data cards certified by HAVA created voluntary Election Assistance Commission  which can be rigged to deliver Hillary's win under the watchful eyes of honest Election workers and their leadership. 
2. Registration of Ineligible Voters
  • Using the mail in votes of ineligibly registered entities like dogs, cats, long dead relatives, illegal aliens, relocated and cartoon characters they can overwhelm the will of the legitimate adult, US citizen voters to ensure Hillary's victory. 
Post Election Reaction
  • Donald J. Trump and the majority of America are fooled once again into thinking they were in the minority, when in point of fact, their victory was stolen by the establishment. Once again Elections have consequences, if only the GOP majority would have come out to vote? If only we had nominated a stronger candidate who might have run a better campaign? If only...?
  • GOP candidates pack up their campaigns to possibly fight and again lose in another Election
Combating Systemic Election Fraud

Expose Establishment Tactics by Contesting the Primaries of Both Parties
  • Audit the Election Assistance Commission:
  1. Software certification methods 
  2. Certified data cards prepared & sent directly to each county elections
  3. Parity of instructions to county election offices with similar equipment
  4. Multi-criteria testing outside the normal EAC suggested plan 
  5. Verify the political leanings of existing EAC Commissioners and staff, then fully staff with equal part Democrats and Republicans
  6. Encourage all of the Secretaries of States around the country to disavow voluntary collaboration with the Federal Election Assistance Commission
  • Survey Primary Voters Using Precinct Results & Primary Voters' Phone Lists
  1. Get county Primary vote abstract and the phone lists for all those who voted in the 2016 Primary then contact each of them to ask about one contested Primary vote from that precinct. If the same number of voters do not say that they voted as the precinct abstract reported they voted then we have proof to test the validity of the voting system in that county (many precincts had just a handful of voters, who voted in their Primary, so I would recommend auditing those smaller precincts)
  • Contest the Voter Registrations  
  1. Using Google earth to find addresses that are not residential 
  2. Google & Facebook registrant's name, age & address to find a match
  3. Check voters with a history of voting by mail or early voting
  4. Check newly registered voters 
  5. Prioritize scrutiny in large urban counties especially those with a long history of Democrat leadership
  • Question the tabulation, maintenance & methodology of ES&S & Dominion Election systems
  1.  Ask to have individual machines tested using real ballots with a variety of different vote combinations, unlike EAC recommends
  2. Encourage all county Election offices to purchase Hart Intercivic Election equipment out of Texas
  • Voters on Election Day
  1. Wear red shirts and blue pants or blue jeans as a show of Trump voting force & take pictures of the voters at your precinct to publicize his support (from the shoulders down to avoid identifying the faces of individual voters)  
  2. Video record your election machine as you cast your vote for Donald J. Trump (Warning: some states do prohibit video/photographing of votes but to my knowledge no one has ever been prosecuted for doing so in this age of smart phones, proceed at your own risk)


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