Conservative Crew Endorsed President Trump & Vice-President Pence in 2016

Conservative Crew

Donald Trump 
President of the United States of America

Donald Trump has ingratiated himself with Americans over 7 seasons of his popular TV show "The Apprentice" which allowed American viewers to match wits with "The Donald" to determine whether or not they would make the same executive decisions, about the efforts of his apprentices as Donald Trump did. Apparently the vast majority of Americans liked the way Mr. Trump thinks, perhaps because that is the way most Americans also think. 

As a former campaign consultant, I believe the single most important consideration should be political allegiance. With virtually all politicians, that allegiance is sworn to their donors, not to the best interests of America. Once elected politicians grant access primarily to their donors, to do their bidding, in order to ensure the politician's re-election. This is not true, with both Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson, both men entered the race with the goal of saving our country after decades of corruption. All previous leaders to some extent have had a "What's in it for me?" approach to government. During President Trump's inaugural address, our new President called out his predecessors seated behind him on the platform for their willful mismanagement of our country's affairs; smothering us with unimaginably high debt, while restricting our Constitutionally guaranteed liberties all in the name of political correctness.   

Dr. Ben Carson
Secretary of Housing & Urban Development

Dr. Carson is uniquely suited to help Donald Trump heal our country, by returning to the sound government principles outlined in our Constitution. 
  • Never before had we the people drafted a candidate into the race for the Presidency with hundreds of petitions. 
  • Never before had our country had the opportunity to elect a leader, who is a humble man of God, who earned his way out of utter poverty to achieve the highest honors our country has to offer. 
With Ben Carson as a trusted member of  President Trump's cabinet we can be assured their motives are pure, their actions will be swift and their remedies will be sound in order to truly "Make America Great Again."

We pray that Dr. Carson will offer Devin guidance as he works with President Trump to find solutions to our economic, immigration and security problems, in order to return our country to greatness, without compromising their core values for the sake of political correctness.  

Dr. Ben Carson

"The United States of America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. We can and should be proud of that fact. It served us well for almost 200 years.
However, we need to reverse the recent trend of secular progressives using activist, federal judges to drive faith out of our society. Anyone who wishes to practice their faith, for example by praying privately, can and should be able to do so. Equally, the rights of someone to abstain from private prayer should also be jealously protected.
The First Amendment enshrines our freedom to practice whatever faith we choose from any government intrusion. Our Founding Fathers never meant for the First Amendment to be used to drive prayer out of the public square." - Dr. Ben Carson


Election Reform
Must Work to Avoid Election Fraud by: 

  • Outlawing All Electronic Voting Systems
  • Abolishing Early & Mail-in Balloting
  • Absentee Voting Only with Reason
  • English Only Ballots- US Citizenship Requires English
  • Proof of US Citizenship to Register to Vote
  • Mandatory Photo ID to Vote

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