Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Conservative Canadian Born Cruz Never Proved He is a US Citizen

Texas Primary

Nominate Bruce Jacobson to Replace 
Constitutionally Ineligible Senator Canadian 
Ted Cruz

Unfortunately for conservatives, US Senator Ted Cruz likely has been such a huge advocate for strict legal immigration, to distract from the fact that he, himself, is not legally eligible to serve in our US Senate, under the requirements of our US Constitution, which requires all members of the US Senate be a US citizens for at least 9 years before serving in office. 

If Ted Cruz has US citizenship records to comply with this requirement, why did Ted not present them during his hard fought Presidential primary race? If the answer is that Ted knew that by doing so he would disqualify himself for the Presidency, due to the fact that he would be proving that he was indeed not a "natural born" US citizen as required under the Constitution for anyone wishing to hold the office President of the United States. 

If that was the case, now would be an excellent time for Ted Cruz to release his US Citizenship registration documents that his mother would have filed with the US Consulate or Embassy in Canada after his birth. These records would go a long way towards reassuring Republicans in Texas, that they will not have their Ted Cruz nominee disqualified in the November General Election. 

Most voters in Texas do not realize that Ted Cruz's US born mother was quite likely unable to offer her son dual US/Canadian citizenship in 1970 for two reasons. 
  • First his mother appears to have given up her US citizenship to become a Canadian citizen at the time of Ted's birth, since both his parents were found to be listed as registered to vote in Canada at the time. 
  • Secondly, Canada did not allow multiple citizenship (dual citizenship) until February 15, 1977 so even if Ted's US born mother had retained her US citizenship in 1970 she would not have been allowed, under Canadian law, to give her son dual citizenship status. 
Therefore the good US citizens of Texas absent any evidence to the contrary have been represented by a Canadian citizen unlawfully since 2013.

Since this fact has so far escaped the notice of anyone in law enforcement, who might have been concerned about Mr. Cruz's ineligibility to serve in the US Senate, it begs the question, is Ted Cruz being shielded by the power elite to allow him to serve as long as Ted follows their instructions?

Next we must ask: 
  • What are those instructions?
  • Is Ted Cruz vulnerable to threats of blackmail in return for favorable votes?

Could Canadian, Ted Cruz be waiting to try once again to become our nation's 2nd Constitutionally ineligible President of the United States, after being born in a former British colony? 

It is for these reasons Conservative Crew strongly recommends that Texas Primary voters nominate Bruce Jacobson to replace Ted Cruz in the US Senate.  

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Conservative Crew Endorses Judge Roy Moore to Sessions' Seat

After studying the background of both Republican candidates running to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the US Senate, I feel confident that Judge Roy Moore is the best man for the job.

While I am sure our President appreciates the dynamics of electing the interim appointee, Luther Strange, to retain his temporary position in the Senate, I must disagree. Senator Strange"s background as a DC lobbyist, coupled with the fact that he was appointed by the disgraced former Governor of Alabama makes him the less conservative of the two choices. The fact that the RINO swamp dwellers in the Republican leadership of the US Senate are also backing Strange confirms former Judge Roy Moore as the right choice for America.

As always we pray God will Bless His choice in this crucial election.

Fighting the Haters on Left & Supporting the Lovers on the Right

As one of the top attorneys in the country fighting for justice for we the people, James Buchal has been forced to fight even harder to oppose corrupt deep state anti-Constitutional environmentalists to protect our property rights against Trump's administration than were aligned against him from the Obama administration. 

Whether the corrupt deep state agencies are still being ruled by those appointed by Obama or by those bad actors appointed by an ill-informed President Trump, the threats faced by rural property owners on the west coast are quite real.  

Rather than blindingly accepting the anti-American tripe that passes for news, seek out the truth for yourself. Find topics that interest you and do your own reporting. You have a search engine on your phone and computer so use it. Here's a hint if the man you voted for is consistantly being harassed on your news source of choice, seek out the actual video to watch for yourself in it's entirety. During the past year traditional news media organizations like the New York Times, WA Post and virtually all cable & broadcast news networks have been exposed as pervaders of leftwing propaganda, crafted not to inform but rather to craft public opinion to align with their anti-Christian PC worldview.