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Conservative Crew Consulting
Winning the Right Way
with Lisa Michaels 

Campaign Manager Lisa Michaels Introduces the Best Conservative Speaker of the '12 Election

Effective Fast Streaming Videos & More

Eagle Scout Mark Callahan For US Senate

Mike Strickland's First Laughing at Liberals Video Edited by Lisa Michaels

Liberal Congressman Blumenauer Wants More Traffic Congestion

Justice for Sabotaged GOP Signage by Democrats

Retired Army Lt. Colonel Greg Goode to Replace Career Politician Yoder

Conservative Crew Consulting only agrees to manage honest, genuine, Conservative Crew endorsed candidates with the integrity to do what is right first and foremost for the people of the United States. Because Conservative Crew believes that most politicians are being coerced through bribery or blackmail in order that anti-America business & government interest may control their votes, we believe it is incumbent upon we the people to burst through their tightly controlled establishment wall to allow the will of the people to prevail. This can be accomplished and we can win if we reject establishment campaign tactics and take our message straight to the voters and combat systemic Election fraud that has consistently delivered establishment victories since 2000.

Winning Against Election Fraud

Time is of the essence to win a political campaign against the Left. The mainstream media lurks in wait to pounce on a conservative's 1st misstep. Therefore, it is critical to the success of the campaign, that our response video is disseminated throughout the Internet and social media within hours, not days or weeks. Since the Left seeks to control the message, through their pals in the media, we must marshal our forces immediately to craft and promote the right side of the issue. The fact is voters would rather watch a short video than read a long web posting so streaming videos are the best way to promote support for our candidates.  

Marketing consultant,  Lisa Michaels, has over 25 years of experience voicing, writing, creating and purchasing advertising across the media spectrum.
Campaign Media Management Experience
Republican Nominee:
2000 Oregon State House-Lisa Michaels
2008 Oregon State Senate- Lisa Michaels
2010 3rd Congressional District- Delia Lopez
2012 Oregon Attorney General- James Buchal
2014 3rd Congressional District- James Buchal
2014 1st Congressional District- Jason Yates

Republican Primary Candidate: 
2011 1st Congressional District Special Election- Lisa Michaels
2012 1st Congressional District- Lisa Michaels
2014 US Senate for Oregon-Mark Callahan
2016 3rd Congressional District- Army Lt. Col. Greg Goode

Menu of Services:

Social Media Video Production

Quick Release Videos from most recent campaign events streaming video using either candidate's voice-over.
3 hour turn around of video once received 6 & 30 jpeg pictures 
  1. voter's guide statement
  2. contact information  
  3. any MP3 audio files from radio interviews, daily campaign update or radio ads of candidate 

Full Streaming Video ad with voice-over & script writing

  1. 24 hour turn around
  2. 5 hour turn around
 Script Writing


Media planning & buying on TV, cable & radio

Planning media appearances, press releases, sign rallies, speaking engagements, designing marketing materials, door to door GOTV, video record campaign event and other necessary services.

Fighting Election Fraud

In 2012 Lisa's GOP Attorney General nominee/client, Harvard & Yale educated conservative attorney, James Buchal argued to a packed courtroom for a full day long Election integrity lawsuit against Oregon Secretary of State, Kate Brown (now interim Oregon Governor Kate Brown who replaced disgraced Governor John Kitzhaber). Attorney Buchal used the mountain of evidence that Lisa Michaels compiled during the Multnomah County Elections audit recount demanded by GOP Nominee Delia Lopez after her 2010 CD3 loss.

After painstakingly investigating the entire voting system throughout Oregon and the United States, from the standpoint of just exactly how this sausage is made and manipulated. I first uncovered the sordid history of the dominant Election Systems & Software (ES&S) company, which was founded by political unknown Chuck Hagel and used to defeat popular former Governor Ben Nelson of Nebraska in a landslide back in 1996.   Like no other campaign consultant, I can offer Election integrity strategies to expose and combat Election fraud to validate victory.  Even the great author of "Stealing Elections-How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy"-John Fund had not studied the systemic Election machine fraud, when I contacted him about my discovery in 2012.

Contact Information:

If you would like to hire Conservative Crew Consulting to combat election fraud, create strategic response streaming video ads, daily campaign video updates, coordinate your media appearances & ad buys and rallies for your campaign, please contact Lisa Michaels at:  

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